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I'm going to be at NY Comic Con this weekend.
Skip Brittenham, Brian Haberlin and I will be showing off the first official look at the graphic novel ANOMALY. I will be at the booth Friday and Saturday, so If you're in the area come by and thumb through the book, watch me do a live digital painting, peek at the voice acted app and play with the augmented reality.
booth 933
Hope to see you there!
Hello all,
This place has gone long neglected, so I think I'll give it a fresh coat of paint and show some of the pro work that I have been working on for the last few years.
Recently  I have been working with Brian Haberlin and Skip Brittenham on an expansive coffee table graphic novel called Anomaly . It's going to drop as one massive volume with 270+ pages of fully painted story, along with an in-depth appendix. The book is very near completion  and will be released in multiple formats in the next couple of months.